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The large Fueguian coast received a small group of penguins in the year 2010. Its unique beauty told us about the presence of the king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) in Bahía Inútil. These distinguished visitors caused great astonishment and curiosity to be known, causing harassment to the 90 individuals who sought to settle in this place.

Thus, a Magellanic family and owner of the place, decided to protect the 8 king penguins that stayed in the region, raising measures of preservation, conduct of observation and to make citizens aware of this species and its relation with Tierra del Fuego. Over the course of the days, biologists, archaeologists, veterinarians and people linked to sustainable tourism were integrated into this initiative, which enabled the development of a “Management Plan” that establishes the guidelines that allow the settlement of the king penguin.

In mid-2011 the King Penguin Park officially opens its doors to visitors; a private initiative of conservation and investigation of the only colony of king penguins in South America and the archaeological remains that are in the place. Since its opening and the development of research projects, the population of king penguins has been increasing steadily, and for the first time new offspring were born in 2013.

Nowadays, the Park has incorporated several dimensions of conservation conforming a “Project of Biodiversity and Archaeological Vestiges Conservation in Bahía Inútil,” which includes protection to other flora and fauna. Along with the above, work has been done on the improvement of footpaths and viewpoints, as well as remodeling the infrastructure and integrated renewable energies, seeking to build a great experience in the place for the visitors and residents.

We invite you to get to know our project, conecting with the natural and cultural heritage of Tierra del Fuego.


Parque Pingüino Rey promotes conservation and protection of both the king penguin as the wealth of vegetation, other wildlife, and archaeological sites in Bahía Inútil, accepting a conservation project based on three pillars: Research, Education and Sustainable Tourism; concepts that construct guidelines to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Tierra del Fuego.

We're looking forward to generate awareness among visitors and the community, about taking care of the environment and historical remains found therein, through education. This provides tools for observing wildlife with low disturbance impact.

"Visiting and protecting go hand in hand; together we can take care of this wonderful place"


Implementing new research and study methods, to get to know in detail the flora and fauna from Bahía Inútil, and thus provide our visitors with a greater experience. Thus, it creates educational networks alongside the players of the conservation of the region of Magallanes, promoting the appreciation for the natural and cultural heritage surrounding us.

Tierra del Fuego is characterized by unique landscapes and a variety of flora and fauna


Our project of conservation of biodiversity and archaeological remains was born out of the bonding of three concepts: Research, Education and Sustainable Tourism. This union accommodates a Management Plan that determines access, trails, viewpoints, behavior observation, and regulates the daily number of visitors, to take care and perform low-impact activities.


The research being done at the park allows us to know the biological aspects and adaptation of the king penguin in this new breeding site, as well as determine the threats to this species and others that are in place. In addition, the chores of study and collection of waste brought in by the sea and wind, enable the daily evaluation of the area, the influence of visitors on the flora and fauna, and the modification of the paths, to prevent soil erosion.


Through education, we aim to generate awareness among visitors and the local community about the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Tierra del Fuego, to keep it in its natural state. To do this, we: Provide information to visitors, make presentations to educational establishments and institutions of the province of Tierra del Fuego, train tour guides and tour operators, support student research, photographic competitions, among others.

Sustainable Tourism

The above, gives us the tools to recognize and experience Bahía Inútil, making room for a sustainable tourism activity that safeguards the preservation of biodiversity, and integrates knowledge and education into the community and visitors, to generate a sensory experience and imbue visitors with the place.

Our research project

At Parque Pingüino Rey we develop a research project that contemplates internal, external and collaborative studies, making this king penguin community one the few colonies located in public/private areas, within this kind of research. This provides major biological information and about its relationship with the environment, which allow to assess trails and viewpoints, as well as managing a sustainable touristic activity that creates awareness about conservation of the flora and fauna surrounding us.

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Universal access

Parque Pingüino Rey is located in an area with coastal influence, where the sandy soil predominates. To preserve the existing vegetation we have demarcated paths and viewpoints, in order to avoid excessive erosion of the area.

Paths are relatively short and suitable for all kinds of audiences, but keep in mind the pace and needs of each visitor, as the terrain is uneven and the journey can take longer.

Professional Photography

We invite professional photographers to register at least 72 hours in advance of your visit to Parque Pingüino Rey, so we can create an official register of photographic and audiovisual records taking place on site, to collaborate with daily images of the King Penguin. This is a fundamental requirement for those who want to take photographs with commercial intentions.

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Visiting and protecting go hand in hand; together we can take care of this wonderful place.

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